Building Inspections

The City of DeSoto Building Inspection Department is here to assist the citizens of DeSoto with all their building projects. We want to assist in the pre-planning, obtaining permits, and the inspection process for their specific projects. Our mission is to not only assist in obtaining the permits but to assure that these projects will comply with the City's Building Codes. We want to ensure that all projects are long lasting and done with maximum safety.


The City of DeSoto has adopted the 2018 International Building Codes (see link below) and the 2011 National Electrical Code. 

The first step in any building project is to determine if a building permit is required. Any project that requires an Electrician, Plumber, or Mechanical (HVAC) contractor, or structural work is being done, requires a building permit. However, if there is any question of whether a building permit is required, please call the Building Inspections Department for more information. See information to the right.

Listed below is an example list of items that would require a permit:
     • Movement of any structural walls
     • Wall Siding
     • Foundation Repair (with a licensed Engineer's report)
     • Slab work/ Drive way extension     
     • Addition/Remodel to a residence/commercial building
     • Window replacement
     • Sewer line replacement
     • HVAC repair/replacement
     • Addition or alteration of gas line
     • Any Irrigation work
     • Any Plumbing work
     • Any Electrical work
     • Any demolition work
     • Fence (new or replacement)
     • Any re-roofing/decking
     • Patio cover
     • Any new free standing structure (excluding Accessory Buildings-see note), click on the    link below (Items required for a Building Permit). This will assist in giving the contractor and/or property owner an idea of the information necessary for a permit.

      • NOTE: Any Accessory Structure (ie: Storage Building), regardless of size, must be permitted with a site plan. Click on link below (Requirements for an Accessory Structure) for more information.
  • NOTE: To apply for a fence permit you will need to submit two (2) sets of either a site plan, plot plan, or survey. On which ever document you submit, you will mark where you will be placing the fence on your property. If you do not have any of the documents listed, you can go on Google or DCAD to get an aerial view of your property, but it must be a CLEAR view. Use the Single Trade Permit application for this submittal.
      • LINKS:
         • Items required for a Building Permit
         • Requirements for an Accessory Structure
         • Requirements for a Fence Permit
         • Requirements for a Sign Permit
         • Requirements for a Swimming Pool (Above/Below Ground)
         • Guidelines for Fire Damage Repair
         • Certificate of Occupancy for all Commercial/Retail businesses. 
         • 2018 International Building Codes

         • INSPECTIONS: To request a building inspection for work completed with an issued permit, please go to For next day inspections you must submit your request before 4:00 PM the day before. Same day inspections are not done except in cases of emergency (to be determined by the Building Official).
         • CONSTRUCTION HOURS: Construction hours in the City of DeSoto are from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday through Friday; 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday; 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. No heavy equipment use is allowed on Sunday without the written consent of the Building Official.